Do Not Pay To Unlock Your o2 Pay Monthly Iphone

Like if this guide is helpful
Hi there everybody

Just some advice to save some money if you want your IPhone unlocking safely and free of charge (you have to be a Pay Monthly customer on the O2 network)
(Unlocking so you can use sim cards from other networks)
It is not a jailbreak so if you unlock it and decide to update software etc it wont lock itself again
I have noticed loads of people charging to unlock IPhone's that are on Pay Monthly contract, Do not pay as it can be done for free via O2. I recently got my brothers phone unlocked by filling a form on the O2 website online, and they email you within 14 days.

I'm not sure which models of IPhone can be unlocked but as far as i know it definitely unlocks the IPhone 3GS, 4 and 4S.
I couldn't find the link to the form but if you click on online chat a customer service representative will tell you what to do and give the link. Its a live chat up until 11pm

I hope someone out there can save some money, why pay £15+ for something that can be done for free. Plus you don't have to give any of your security details out, I have noticed a few of the ads about they ask for bill amounts, address etc which you wouldn't give to a stranger so why give it to someone selling something. Be careful.

I can't guarantee it will work for everyone but it is worth a try if its going to save you a few pounds.

If you are on a different network it may be worth contacting your network provider, as they will probably offer something similar

Once again, just to clarify, don't be paying for something you can get for free, some people will try make money out of anything these days. Just follow these steps and hopefully O2 will unlock your phone within 14 days via email or text

Log onto O2 website, and load up the online chat with a representative (open til 11pm)
Explain you would like your phone unlocking
They will send you a link to enter your details (secure site) and model/imei of phone
You will be sent your unlock code via text or email within 14 days

Please note, this service may also be available with other handsets, so just ask.

Hope this little guide is useful


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