Do games crash your Xbox 360 try this easy tip

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Hi with the big games such as Fable 2, Lost odyssey and even some shooter games the graphics have become very high demanding on the Xbox 360. I took my Fable 2 back twice becasue it kept crashing when i used certain magiks which make the screen light up. Then i found out you can instal your 360 games to the hard drive (as long as you have one). Although alot of people already know this it seems a lot of people still dont know this or just dont know how to use the instal feature on the Xbox 360.

Before i tell you how, i would like to say that since installing any game i play to the hard drive (take roughly 10 minutes) i have had no crashes what so ever. The games run faster and online there is even a difference (no more lag like loading) which can make a big difference when playing shooters again other players.

First make sure you have the game in your xbox you will have to have it set so that the game do not auto play (you can always click the middle button and choose Xbox dashboard).

Then go to my Xbox and click right twice, this will bring up the recent games list, now click on the game you want to instal (making sure its still in the drive). you will have a few options like play game downloads or instal to hard drive. once you have chosen instal wait roughly 10 minutes. Now when ever you want to play your game do the exact same thing but you will have a new option PLAY from hard drive. use this and not only will the game load faster and play better but you will not be using your CD/DVD drive while playing so you wont get the load whinning noise any more. I have been told by microsoft that this will also extend your life of your CD/DVD drive also.

Lastly it make take a little longer to get into your game each time (30 seconds to go to the options) but you Xbox wont crash or big games, it will last longer and i have even noticed it does not get as hot as before. No more load whinning from the CD/DVD drive YES!

I really hope this helps Like i said alot of people already know this but i did'nt and every one i have told about it did'nt so may be you did'nt until now :)


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