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When you have a military background it is easy to spot certain discrepancys in some sellers description's of their product/item for sale! On the other hand though I realised that although some can spot it & laugh at it, there are the e-bayers who have no military background & are none the wiser to false, inacurate or hyped-up descriptions they read & trust. To this end can I just give a little advice, even if you don't use it!

Certain sellers state "Item blah-blah/Used by SAS,PARAS, MARINES" e.c.t. & this is simply for wow-factor so the average buyer thinks cool,i'd ike something so rare! BUt in actual fact there is not a great deal of kit that the SAS,PARAS or MARINES get issued-or may buy that is not availible to the every day grunt spauddie or Joe Bloggs at the market. That's another one for the books...... "This item is very rare". Yehh right, they musn't watch Bargain Hunters or something because what they think is rare is sometimes still current issue! Where the item has been too, what difference does that make in the slightest? Apart from let them think they are justified in bumping up the price a wee bit. I have even read one's which stated "Worn by so & so himself!" or similar..... I mean come on-PLEASE. How are we gonna prove that unless we ring them ourselves or contact them through a medium in some cases!LOL

Don't thik for a minute i'm saying there are no trustfull sellers because there are. The type of seller i am on about is in the miority, they have to be because it takes a special type of someone to try on what they do.

You might not take any notice of my advice & you may think i'm a gitt.But either way you think...... just qeustion any facts which may be claimed or just use your common sense & go with that because if it sounds to good to be true-IT GENERALY IS!!

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