Do not ever buy from Nuttalls of Chester

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As many here already expressed very negative experience on Nuttalls of Chester I'd like to add my story. I ordered some amber cufflinks from them for my father's 60 birthday. The purchase was made on 26/10/2010 via the phone, on the firm agreemnet that the cufflinks would be delivered by 5/11/2010 at the absolute latest. This left Nuttalls with more than the ususal 5-7 days for delivery promised on their website. However, the cufflinks were not delivered by that date (and there was no communication abou any anticipated delays). Thus on 5/11/2020 I requested that the order should be cancelled. The cancellation and refund for £170.00 were promised over the phone on 11/11/2010 (they hardly ever respond to any emails and even phone calls are responded to rarely). Despite that on 25/11/2010 it turned out that the cufflinks were nevertheless delivered to me. When I called Nuttalls to enquire about the refund again I ended up being shouted at, called a froudster and threatened with the Police by one of their employees. It's 10/12/2010 now and I've still not received any written confirmation that the cufflinks will be refunded if I return them (and I asked for this written statement on multiple occassions). I'm now taking this to the Ombudsmen, Watchdog and any other consumer protection body I can think of. I'd do the same if I were you. 

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