Do not settle for a cheap knock-off DVD’s or CD’s

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One of the most frustrating things about buying CD’s and DVD’s on eBay is when some unscrupulous seller send you a fake or copy!  Firstly (and most importantly) this is ILLEGAL, so no matter what happens, the seller is in the wrong.   Even if this seller is charming and apologetic, DEMAND a refund and let the seller know that you are aware that they have committed Copyright Infringement.  

Some sellers may claim that they are selling a ‘back-up copy’ which they made from an original they bought and it is legal to do this.  Well quite simply this is not true!  A copy made from an original is a copy and is illegal to sell.   If you see this on a DVD or CD description listed on eBay – report the item immediately to eBay’s Customers Services.

This Copyright Infringement is not just an eBay rule, but is a LAW and the seller faces a heavy fine if this is reported to the authorities.


The most frequent DVD copies tend to be Region-0 and will play on any DVD-player.   However, there are thousands of legitimate in Region-0 DVD’s, so if buying a DVD which is listed as Region-0, and you are unsure about it - always ask the seller if this is a copy before bidding.  

Fake DVD and CD tend to have poorly copied covers, which are printed on cheap paper, rather than high-grade glossy paper.  

The quality of the DVD tends not to be as sharp as an original.

Many Copied do not have a menu, and you cannot change subtitles or language.

The Seller’s of most illegally made DVD copies will give you a refund (no questions asked).   However, whether the seller has given you a refund or not - If you think you have bought a homemade copy DVD contact eBay’s Customer Services and report the seller.  This is the only way you can prevent the same thing from happening to someone else.

Don’t settle for cheap knock-off copies - It is illegal and it should not be on eBay.  

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