Do not trust buyers NoTracking I will take the risk

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Hello....I recently sold a vintage Pyrex dish to a buyer/collector lilielarke in USA. It was in mint unused condition with box. He has feedback of over 2000 transactions all good. He asked me to ship Surface mail untracked at which i agreed.He said he had many items this way from UK no problems what could go wrong? Surface mail to USA can take up to 8/10 weeks depending which side of USA East/West. In the meantime he then purchased a double Pyrex dish from me...yep this guy is a serious collector. As the 2 items were over 2kgs I painstakingly packed in 2 Polystyrene boxes to eliminate breakage. He requested "please dont put any new sticky tape on the original box as i like to keep as original as possible".He then asked for all shipping prices at dirreent rates. He chose airmail UNTRACKED . I told him that I cant be held responsible for loss or damage as UNTRACKED. He insisted on UNTRACKED. I thought to myself what could go wrong. Time passes and he keeps nagging me wheres my did i send them....what address did i write. They hadnt arrived. I aked him if he wanted me to show him Proof of Posting certificate ....this is a free receipt that the item was posted to the named addresss time date etc.....but does not gaurantee delivery. To cut a long story short he put a Paypal claim in against full refund.I didnt have a leg to stand on as Paypal allways insist on Tracking. Bigger Fool Me for trusting him to keep his word.He then said to me it was my responsibility for me to purchase insurance. So Paypal refunded him all his money. I lost my £30 item and £38 shipping fees. Later on I learn the first parcel surface mail arrived eventually....what a crook remember his ID lilielarke   from USA.

Dont trust anyone on ebay....always shipp tracked....I learnt the hard way.

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