Do not trust until payment has gone into your bank acc

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Dear all,

I would advice every ebayer to beaware of cyber crime. There are something you should know before making payment or sending your item:
1. Paypal does not cover any fraud outside the UK, US and Canada. If it's a fraud outside these countries, paypal would not help you at all.
2. For seller, do not post your item until money has actually gone into your account and you've successfully withdrawn it.
3. For buyer, only purchase from the UK, US and Canada for an expensive item.
4. Paypal could reverse fund which was supposed to go into your account. This is not safe at all.
5. If something happen, try to call the local and foreign police, do not rely on paypal.
6. Paypal's job is just take money from you, not to help you much - becareful.

This is the real experience I've had. I hope ebay do not try to hide this real information for someone needs to know because I really hope this information helps.

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