Do you know the 7 Steps to Creative Product Sourcing???

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“7 Steps to Creative Product Sourcing”

  1. Approach
  2. Assessment
  3. Connect
  4. New Zones
  5. Learn by Example
  6. Market Saturation
  7. Layering

1.    Your Approach Makes the Difference

􀂾 Pick a product and stay stuck OR
􀂾 Product Sourcing Mindset
􀂾 Thousands of new products in the market monthly
􀂾 Read!
􀂾 Expand beyond your box
􀂾 You will not manufacture the answer, you must seek it out and
in doing so, let it come to you

2.    Objective Assessment of Current Resources

􀂾 Current niche associations
􀂾 Successful products
􀂾 Time
o Be realistic in setting goals
􀂾 Inventory capital
􀂾 Look for leads to other niches products

3.    Connect the Dots

􀂾 One idea leads to another
􀂾 Ideas expand
􀂾 Pay attention!

4.    Get Out of Your Comfort Zone

􀂾 Curiosity
􀂾 Uncharted territory
􀂾 Stop reading, doing and thinking the same things

5.    Learn by Example

􀂾 Physical brick and mortar stores
􀂾 Online websites
􀂾 Catalogs
􀂾 eBay store
􀂾 Adapt don’t copy!
􀂾 Read! Read! Read!

6.    Hitting Market Saturation?

􀂾 Looking at the wrong products
􀂾 Listen to what the market is telling you
􀂾 Adaptations, related products, new categories
􀂾 Stay motivated! For every product you overlook, someone else
will come along and find it and make a profit

7.    Layering

􀂾 Build layers on top of successful products
􀂾 Power of 10 Product Sourcing
􀂾 Learn how to build a product line that will bring your customers
coming back time and time again


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