Do you need a doppler, to buy or not to buy?

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Hello, and congratulations on your pregnancy! Lets talk about doppler.
Do you need one? What to buy, and what you should look at when buying?

I have never needed a doppler in my first pregnancy, but I was very excited to hear  my future baby - so I have bought myself a Bebe Sounds monitor as it is completely safe - it  amplifies sounds from your womb( not using any ultrasound). With this device  you can  hear  what is happening inside you and in later pregnancy you can even hear baby heart beats, it also makes you able to hear kicks and baby noises like hiccups and placenta noise.You can also use it in reverse way and talk to your baby or play music( it is real fun if you have an older child it makes the unborn baby real  to older child and creates a real bond with them). You can also involve your partner to such communications, I find such family activities very useful.

 If you are first time mother  I would rather recomend you such listener - there are few like this on the market

 Summer prenatal listener

 Bebe Sounds prenatal listener

In a second pregnancy I was always on a move , I was  unable to visit midwifes as often as I wanted, I decided to buy ultrasound doppler, so when I had a need  of reassuarance and baby was quiet I was not rushing to the hospital just for the sake of it.

It was very helpful when we had a 14 hour flight and my baby went very very quiet for a while, so I have monitored it in the airplane  (it was asleep). I was happy to know baby was doing well.

REMEMBER ! You need to know that ULTRASOUND Doppler is not intend to replace your Midwife or Qualified doctor, but it is to give you possibility to hear your baby when you have no chance of see a one.

You can use it only from 10 weeks  of your pregnancy and with some doppler even later from 12-14 weeks (read the manual).

If you are not sure if you need  a doppler then better not to buy it at all, you will hear you baby heartbeating in the antenatal visits.

  Remember, that  wrong use of monitor may put you into stress  if you are not using it corectly you may even  take the wrong readings.
However if  you are planing to have more than one child, and you know for sure that you need a doppler and you know how it is working and you have experience on how to use it then here is some useful info about what to buy:
There are two types of FHM dopplers
-just heart doppler to listen a heart beats but  without digital display they are good and
less expensive then others  - usually price is below 60 pounds or around this amount such models are :
BF 500

-heart doppler with a heart rate display LCD screen they are more expensive and prices start from 65 pounds, also you can have a bargain if you buy used one:
BF500+ , BF 500++
Babysonic - Ultrasonic Fetal Doppler
Personal advise -
If you want to have a good investment  then better to buy with digital  heart rate display monitor , but then again, be careful as if you are not using it correctly you will not be able to monitor your baby and wrong data will be displayed, so make sure you know how to use it ( read the manual, or ask a midvife to comment when she is using hers, she usually tells you what is she doing when she is measuring babies heart rate).
If you want just to have a doppler for amusement or to keep your mind quiet,  then simple amplifier-heart listener  is for you - Summer Prenatal Listener, Bebe sounds Listener , or simple brief models such as -  BF500 or HiBEBE or Angelsounds fetal monitor-

Important note -
If buying used monitors make sure you buying clean and working machine, with manufacturer manual or instruction( as some dopplers you can only use from sertain weeks of pregnancy)

Never buy a broken machines or faulty or repaired not by the manufacturer , faulty machine may harm your baby by using unsafe ultrawaves.Never buy a dopler without a manual!

All the best in your pregnancy hope you will never need a doppler.

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