Does FAST Shampoo Work?

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F.A.S.T (Fortified Amino Scalp Therapy) has been around for a while now and received some good press recently on its ability to improve hair growth by twice the normal rate! But to know just how good this shampoo is we must deep a little deeper.
Let's begin from the source of the problem which is the health of your hair. Problems such as hair loss, hair thinning and a receding hairline all occur because of high levels of DHT in your scalp which in turn create inflammation causing hair to fall out.

The inflammation is always what causes the physiological process to occur and it can be triggered by many factors other than DHT such as stress or diet. This means to control these effects you must prevent the inflammation and one way to do that is to improve blood circulation in the scalp - in fact that is what some of the most effective drugs on the market (such as minoxidil) do, however being drugs, they do have their side effects.

FAST unfortunately does none of this, so if you were planning to use this shampoo for that - forget it, even their own website says it is not designed for treating hair loss. But if you just want to grow your hair very fast, then look no further. This shampoo has been extremely effective in stimulating faster hair growth where all subjects in an experiment experienced growth rates of 30% within 84 days and whilst it doesn't actually thicken your hair or prevent hair loss it may be useful for those trying to grow their hair.

This evidence however, is questionable as it was carried out by a tabloid and there are no further links to what or how the experiment was carried out. But user reviews generally do agree that it did speed up hair growth so the doubt is minor.
We know what FAST shampoo does, but we should also know how it does it. After all, if it is just artificially creating that effect as most moisturising creams do by covering the skin with a layer of fat, we deserve to know before using it. According to the company, it is mixed with amino acids and special herbs which are absorbed by your hair to increase growth but it is mainly waffle and no actual content on how the shampoo works. 

Be warned if you do decide to use this product and are suffering from hair loss or thin hair, it may worsen your condition and its unpleasant side effects have been reported by many users. These include:
  • Faster hair thinning
  • Faster rate of hair loss
  • Brittle and frizzy hair 
  • Itchy, red scalp
To conclude on FAST shampoo, if you have dreamt of growing your hair long but have never had the patience to wait many years, then this is for you. If you want to get rid of your bald patch or receding hairline - you should look elsewhere.

One alternative to FAST shampoo if you are looking for faster hair growth without the potential negative side effects called Taoist Soap. This is a unique soap designed for people with hair loss, thinning hair, skin problems or for those who just want healthier hair/skin.

It is made from 100% natural elements from the mountains of Korea, and these herbs work to detoxify your scalp and improve blood circulation.

This would naturally reduce the amount of inflammation and all the problems that go with it. According to the makers, it contains no harsh chemicals that you can even eat the soap! Looking at the user reviews, so many people swear by it and keep coming back for more and there is also empirical evidence showing its effectiveness so it is definitely worth trying.

But whether you decide to buy a shampoo or not, you should keep in mind that improvement in the health of your hair doesn't come from only using products - they are only designed to aid your progress. If you think of your scalp as just a part of your skin then improving your organ function and general health will improve your hair as your skin is the largest organ. As mentioned before, diet and stress have a major role to play on the inflammation in your head :
  • Avoid processed, sugary and fried foods or limit them at least as they can cause arterial plaque which further reduces blood circulation not to mention general damage to your organs
  • Avoid taking stress unnecessarily as the free radical damage created by it itself is enough to worsen hair loss
  • Do eat proper foods which will provide the correct nutrition for the protein structures in your to rebuild and strengthen. 
  • Massage your hair at least 15min a day with your fingers to improve blood circulation. After the very first week you will notice an immediate drop in the number of hairs falling and your hair will eventually start to thicken in the long run.
So don't only rely on external sources to maintain your health otherwise the chances are the effects will stop as soon as you stop using the product. 
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