Does an arch support help?

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After four weeks of continued pain on the sole of my foot, I was told last week by my doctor I'd sprained my arch (note to self, don't wear ballet style pumps for Christmas shopping) and to visit a specialitst shop for a support as it would take months to heal. Dreading the cost I tried putting various forms of padding in my shoes, but after a day at work it didn't work. Five mins later on EBay I found 2 for £3.60 including postage. They are arch shaped pieces of foam on an elastic strap. And guess what? They work great, even after two days on my burger stall. They appear to offer a bit more support so that the arch does not drop and can start to heal. I have found they are squishing down, but for the price and because there are two, they will do their job. Also much cheaper than taking time off work sick. The elastic strap stops them moving which is a must in shoes. I can't compare them to more expensive versions, it would be interesting to though. I can compare them to nothing and they are an improvement. I was also surprised that the postage was very speedy. They had arrived in two days or so. 
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