Does and don'ts of buying a ps3 this xmas

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Buying a ps3, guide from ebay buyers.

Ok, thought i would do a guide for people buying ps3's this xmas.

Hope this helps people to choose the right seller, and not get ripped off.

I myself buy & sell alot of ps3's from ebay and have done for over a year now.Most of the time it's a smooth transaction, But there are those who will try and rip you off. So heres a few tips to buying safely and will tell you a few of the scamms people try.

1st Always try to buy from a seller who has good feedback and sell alot over 200 fb is always good.

See how long they have been a member, If there fairly new a few months and have brought lots of small in expensive items to boost there feedback, and then seem to be selling high priced items and lots of, question it, see if anyone else has brought and recieved these types of items! If not a good sighn they could be scammers.

If you do buy a ps3 from a buyer with low feedback, check his items for sale, as they like to relist thinking you won't be any wiser. So if you see the same listing again. get on to paypal and dispute it asap.

Always check the postage, if it's special delivery always ask for the tracking number, if you don't recieve your ps3 in 2 days of  winning and no tracking number has been given get on to the seller, if they don't reply, dispute with paypal.

Disputing is you best line of defense as paypal freeze the funds untill proof of tracking can be provided.

Remember if it's to good to be true.... it's a scamm!!(most of the time) 









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