Does my child need a Time Teacher Watch

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Telling the time is an essential part of a child's learning.  Teaching a child to tell the time isn't easy especially on a conventional clock face.  Digital watches make telling the time easy for children, but they will not learn the common time telling phrases normally used. For instance when we see 08:45 we do not commonly say that, we will say the time is "quarter to 9" (or visa versa).  A Time Teacher watch will quickly and easily show your child how to identify this. These Time Teacher watches are designed to make the task of teaching your children just that bit easier.


A Time Teacher watch has many aids built into the face. Depending on the model chosen, some even have commonly used time telling slogans written on the strap. 
To start with the watch face, the hours are individual numbered 1 to 12. Around the perimeter, the minutes are numbered 1 to 60 in 5 minute increments.  At the key positions, you will find 1/4 instead of 15 and 45 and 1/2 instead of 30. This is to teach the child quarter past and quarter to and half past. So they can identify this, the words "Past" and "To" appear on the watch face.

I'm sure you'll agree, these watches are an essential piece of kit in every parents "toolbox".
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