Does your keyboard have 'legs'?

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If your keyboard has extendable 'legs' at the rear - DON'T extend them.

These legs tilt the keyboard toward your hands, forcing your fingers and wrists back - an unnatural angle.

Tests have shown that the ideal tilt angle for keyboards is in the opposite direction - these legs should be at the front of the keyboard, not at the back!

Why do manufacturers continue to produce keyboards with legs that tilt the keyboard the wrong way? My guess is inertia - that's how they've been made for many years: people keep buying, few complain. Normally I'd agree with 'don't change something that isn't broken' - but in this case, the design IS broken.

To find out how you can give your typing some REAL legs - making it faster, more accurate and more comfortable - see my guide "What is a Dvorak Keyboard?"

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