Don't Buy 2nd Hand Mobile Phones on eBay

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I've recently fallen foul of purchasing a mobile phone on eBay. The phone I bought was sold as an unwanted upgrade. Great I thought, I paid £240 for a brand new smart phone that would have cost me £370 sim free. The phone functioned perfectly for nearly 3 months and I loved it! Then one day it lost signal and I could no longer make calls. I spent days reloading the firmware and trying to work out what was wrong. Finally I called Orange UK and they told me that the phone was an upgrade and the customer didn't pay their bill. Apparently Orange legally owned the phone until the 24 month contract was up so with the bills unpaid, they had blacklisted it on all UK networks. By this time, 3 months had gone by and so I was not covered by Paypal or eBay. Speaking to Orange, there is literally nothing you can do to buy a 2nd hand phone safely. Before I bought the phone I paid to check the IMEI number and it was not show as stolen. Now three months later the phone was legally stolen and there was nothing I could do about it. Orange said that shipments of phones are stolen and sometimes not reported for months. There is no way to buy a 2nd hand phone and guarantee that it will be working in a months time.
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