Don't Buy HALF LIFE 2!!

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Half Life 2!

Amazing game.... if you could actually play it!

Buying Half life 2 (or Episode One and Two) requires you to input the CD KEY found inside the dvd case to be able to play it, Then log onto your steam account and play exclusively through steam requiring you also to have an internet connection.

And yay! You've just won Half life used in Excellent condition for £3 when the retail was £27.99. Isn't that Great???

No! It really isn't.

Each copy of Half life (& Episode one & two) can only be used once and then becomes useless to anyone else since everyone needs an account and different cd key to play. So you're stuck with a copy of Half Life that does not work. The only alternative to buying new and SEALED, is buying half life on it;s own through Steam site itself and downloading it from there. It is reliable and requires credit card purchase. But once it is purchased through your steam account, you never need to own it on cd to install on a new computer just by logging into your steam account. It's much safer. Kind of like a computer games bank. Many other games can be purchased on there before they hit the shops. I've already completed Episode Two. Cost me £10 to download on steam.

So with Half Life:

1. Buy New and sealed

2. Download from Steam itself through your steam account.

Thanks for reading.... Hope this helps you guys out

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