Dont Buy eBooks get them for FREE by immediate download

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Many people buy eBooks and Guides from eBay - I tell you how to get them for FREE

Since eBay have banned the sale of eBooks being emailed to people the sellers are now copying them on CD/DVD and selling them that way. Dont waste your money buying them. Where do the sellers get them from? I will explain below.

If you search on ebay you can find just about any collection of guides / books available on CD in eBook or pdf format. This ranges from car & computer manuals and guides to diets and "dummies guides". These sellers are ripping you off and you shouldnt waste your time!!

You can download all the books and guides you need from torrent websites - more than likely where the sellers of the cd/dvds on ebay got them from.


If you are unfamiliar with downloading from Torrents you can use my brief guide below:
  1. Torrents are files that tell your computer where it needs to download from - just like a webpage shows information in your web browser (internet explorer or firefox) you need a torrent server program to get the information from the torrent file. This might sound complicated but its not - stick with it!
  2. Download the software uTorrent from its free (you can also download Bit Torrent - which will work in the same way)
  3. This will be your torrent equivalent of Internet Explorer or Firefox, uTorrent will look after your torrent downloads
  4. After you have installed the software you will see its quite a simple looking program and just like Internet explorer uTorrent has a search box in the top left hand corner
  5. Type in the search box what you are after - for example "Diet Book" and press enter
  6. It will open a website listing 100's of books all available for download!
  7. Click on the one you want and you can read about it to see if its the one you want to download
  8. If you want to download it - click "Download this Torrent"
  9. You should get a pop up window from uTorrent just confirming which files you are about to download
  10. Click OK and your download will begin!
You can of course search for anything else like software, music and films too!

If the search box doesnt bring up what you want go to one of the main torrent websites and download the torrent file from there. It will open in uTorrent / Bit Torrent automatically once you download it.

Good Torrent Sites:


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