Dont Get Fooled By Ebooks

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Many people have now started making easy money on ebay just by selling what ultimately comes down to emails.

Yes thats right people are actually paying to receive emails. Sometimes they are paying up to 25 pounds for an email with a link to a website.

This item unlike many, clearly states that this aucton is an ebook. And that all you are receiving is an email with adresses to police auctions where seized items are auctioned off cheap.

One ebook claimed that you can get a portable DVD player for 5 pounds. Highy unlikely i hear you cry.

Thats because it is! If something seems to good to be true then it probably is!

My advice to you is that if you see the word ebook anywhere dont even bother! If you suspect anything its better of not bothering.

All the best and happy ebaying


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