Don't Use Parcel2Go. Book direct and save a lot of hassle

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Waiting around for a second day and still no courier. All Parcel2Go will tell you is they not guarantee pick up or delivery days. Why am I paying a premium for next day delivery then. They fob you off if you complain about the service with we'll rebook collection but won't guarantee anyone will be there to pick it up. One failed collection or delivery I can understand but two for the same parcel in two days, what are the chances. By all means use them as a price comparison site but don't give then a penny. I two hours I'm demanding a full refund.
Booked originally and Thursday at 08.30 and half expected the parcel would be picked up the same day. Unfortunately didn't see the courier will be with you on Friday message. Not to worry They'll pick it up on Friday and delivery on Saturday. Friday evening web chat with Parcel2Go, basically why hasn't my parcel been collected. Let me check, Sorry we don't guarantee pick up or delivery, do you want me to get it picked up on Monday. By the way we won't guarantee that will happen either.
It's now 1630 on Monday and no sign of a courier.
Do yourselves a favour and don't pay them for maybe booking a courier. 


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