Dont Waste your money on dbox 1, dbox 2 starview euro

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ebay is flooded with these knock off cable boxes which can receive all of virgin medias services (theft of cable tv). there are clones, copys, cheap imatations that are rubbish and dont work or break after a while.

Dont get ripped off or scammed save your money, your buying a box that will work for a few mths max then your stuck with scrap, useless box.

Virgin are wise to the situation, ntl/telewest etc.. didnt bother but your in for a massive shock and out of pocket.

the new system is rolling out now as we speak, virgin have eliminated 3/4 of cloned modems on the network, encrypted files are now in place ready for the big switch over.

Be warned its gonna hit hard after xmas, dont waste your money on a box that wont work on virgin media.

they have succeeded in a few months what ntl/telewest couldnt do in 10 yrs.

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