*Don't be SCAMMED*

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Yesterday I was scammed by someone wanting to purchase my phone for a great deal more than it's worth. PLEASE DON'T BE CAUGHT OUT.

These people bid the highest amount for your item, more than the amount it costs new in the shops and it's because they won't actually be paying for the item when the time comes. Here's how they do it:

So you've sold your item, you then recieve 2 emails which appear to be from Paypal. These emails state that the buyer funds have been 'approved' but won't show in your account until you have sent back a tracking number as proof of postage.DO NOT SEND YOUR ITEM. Paypal have stated that these are spoof emails, genuine Paypal payments show immediately in your history and account overview.

So if you send your item out, send back a tracking number to the email address contained in the spoof emails, you will never hear from the people again. Except now they have your item and you have no money.

These spoof emails really do look like they are from Paypal but please don't be fooled. Ring Paypal if you are in doubt. Genuine Paypal payments show IMMEDIATELY in your account. Do not respond if the email asks for bank details, a tracking number or any other personal details.

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