Don't be afraid 2 give Negative Feedback 2 Warn Others!

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It makes me so annoyed that a buyer can leave negative feedback for you as a seller when THEY have not paid YOU and YOU have done absolutely NOTHING wrong!

I know a lot of sellers will not leave bad feedback for the fear of getting it left in return, and, at first, I was the same.  But then I realised that unless we stand up and let other Ebayers know of the rubbish we sometimes have to put up with from waste-of-space-Ebayers who only bid to waste our precious time (you know who you are, especially the cheeky so and so who did not pay me because he said had problems with his bank and THEN when I opened a dispute, claimed he was not paying because he said my item was not authentic!!! He is now BANNED from my auctions) then how will we be able to protect ourselves? It is up to US to blow the whistle on such time wasters, and let everyone know what they did to waste it. Did they pay us? No? Then say so with a negative feedback.

It is not nice getting negative feedback when you have doen nothing to deserve it, and until Ebay sort out the daft policy of allowing non-paying bidders to leave bad feedback for sellers, we must stand up and let the community know of these people who shouldnt be allowed to bid on our items.

I hope you found this useful. I know there are people out there who are as naffed off with these time wasters as I am.


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