Don't be afraid of negative feedback

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I’m writing this guide to warn and advise all ebayers.
Ebay and purchasing products on internet are very popular nowadays
..But among honest and reliable ebayers you always have a few fraudulent ones.
Ebay have feedback facility which is very important.
You don’t know the person who is selling or buying from you.
Only feedback can tell you something about how this person acts during transaction.
..And only feedback can warn you that you are dealing with fraudulent ebayer.
But when you are coned by ebayer you are afraid to give him/her negative feedback because he/she is going to do the same in return.
The problem is that if you don’t give this ebayer negative nobody will know that he/she is con and bad ebayer can continue illegal activities.
Don’t be afraid of negative feedbacks..
Don’t be afraid to give negative feedback if you think that ebayer cons you.
First try to contact him/her but if you are not happy with outcome then give ebayer negative.
….And if ebayer stole your money or goods then contact Police because ebay fraud is criminal offence.
I hope my guide give you something to think about how to make ebay safe and pleasant place.

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