Don't buy Woodwind with Large red pads!

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I am writing this guide to hopefully assist you in not making the mistake of buying one of the horrendous Asian made Saxophones or Clarinets which are worse than Toy replica's and do not play!

I have noticed that there are hoards of these Saxophones and Clarinets-Normally Alto Saxophones which are silver or brass in colour and they are cheap and nasty replica's,I have seen one in the flesh so to speak and it was horrendous-Please do not buy one of these unless you really wish for an ornament!!

The way to tell them from virtually all other Saxophones is that the have Red Pads-Every single one of them,this is the same as for the replica Clarinets out there,they have a long thin box to make them look ancient but again these all have those oversized nasty red pads and almost plastic covered keys making them look like Nickel/Chrome.

Please,Please do not be fooled into getting a bargain and ending up with one of these.

I Loathe these so called instruments,if some wish to begin playing then choose a well known brand,Like the Boosey Clarinets-Regents alike,Buffet Crampon B12's all very good starter instruments.

Always choose a well known brand and please do not buy upon impulse.

If you are in doubt please do ask the seller what colour are the pads-because some shall take pictures to hide this fact-Some sellers are oblivious to these being replica's and others know precisely what they have and sell them because they have a snazzy-or well known mouthpiece.

Well,I know this is only a short review but I do hope it helps in avoiding what could be an expensive mistake.

Thank you for looking and Good luck with your playing!!

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