Don't buy a FranSAT box unless it is HD

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Why a FranSat satellite receiver may not be the bargain that it seems.

Various retailers are selling FranSAT satellite receivers as an alternative to the TNTSAT boxes - however you should be wary of buying them.
FranSAT and TNTSAT both offer satellite delivered French TV channels.   TNTSAT uses 19E whereas FranSAT is on 5W.    Both of these services are able to be picked up from the UK with a standard 60cm dish.   
While a small number of the French channels are fully FTA (free to air) Arte being probably the best, most channels require a viewing card to unlock them.
The big selling point of FranSAT is that the cards will supposedly work forever (TNTSAT cards are currently 4 year) and FranSAT boxes are being sold as offering Lifetime viewing.
Before buying any such box you should be aware that it has been announced that the FranSAT service will be moving to HD ONLY in the spring of 2016.
This means that if you buy a non-HD box now you will only have a year or so of use before the box stops working.   The card may still be active but without an HD box it will not deliver the channels that you might expect.

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