Don't buy anything from Bambinoworld!

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Don't buy anything from Bambinoworld.

First of all they send youi n voices in German or Russian overcharging you, then when you email them asking for an invoice in English and with the correct total they ignore you andjustkeep resending the same invoice. Finally, when you refuse to pay they get unpaid item strikes issued on your account.

This happened to me when I tried to buy a pushchair and footcover from them.

The listing stated that there was a discount for the footcover when purchased with the pushchair however, I was charged full price for the footcover so obviously I wanted this corrected before I paid. My numerous emails were ignored, so I told them I would purchase a pushchair elsewhere unless they charged me correctly. I was still ignored so I purchased a pushchair from another seller (bought one from babyrascals and I couldn't be happier).

A couple of weeks later I started getting reminders from Bambinoworld asking meto pay for the two items. I didn't see much point in responding as they were just plain ignorant anyway and I already had a new pushchair.A couple of days later they opened a dispute against me. I responded on the dispute console explaining (again) why I hadn't paid and Bambinoworld simply responded "invoice correct". The next day they closed the dispute and I was left with two unpaid item strikes which led to my account being suspended.

This was appalling as why should I be punished for being overcharged by Bambinoworld?

I complained to ebay who after reviewing the listings for the items and the information I had given them, removed the unpaid item strikes and reinstated my account.

Moral of the story? Don't buy anything from Bambinoworld!

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