Don't buy if gig tickets aren't in hand!

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Unscrupulous ebayers are selling tickets at Buy it Now Prices months before gigs.  They don't have tickets in hand and are relying on buying tickets at knock down prices at the last minute to sell at a large profit. At the last minute they bid on more tickets than they require and only complete the cheapest purchases.   This has resulted in genuine sellers being unable to resell their tickets due to time constraints.  You are not guaranteed to get your ticket and could mean you miss the gig of the year that you really wanted to go to.  If your purchase was made more than 60 days before the gig it will not be elligible for a Paypal dispute or Ebay complaint and you might have to resort to legal action to recover your money from the seller.  This has been written from personal experience and I am still annoyed that I didn't get to see Keane! Therefore make sure that the seller has the tickets in hand!!!!

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