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Buying and selling - the basics.....

When you sell or buy on eBay your reputation and feedback score is important, it is what sets you apart from the hundreds of thousands of eBay members!

Being a good buyer:
You've won the item you set your heart on buying, great! Don't mess up your eBay reputation by not following the terms of the sellers listing for the item you have just purchased. Be a great eBayer by paying promptly!  Pay the seller as soon as the listing ends and you know you have won the item, no one likes having to wait for money. This is also a good opportunity to contact the seller, let them know you have paid promptly, you have completed your obligations as a buyer and politely request that when the seller has a moment, that they leave you appropriate feedback now that you have completed your part of the bargain. Also let the seller know that you will do the same in return once you have received the item and are happy with your purchase. Keep to these simple rules and you will soon see your feedback is all positive! Don't be unduly concerned that you don't have thousands of feedback reviews, members can tell if a buyer is reliable and not going to upset their listing. You could have been a member for five years and have all positive feedback for the ten items you have bought over those five years, sellers if in doubt will review your eBay feedback rating. Keep to the rules  and you keep your eBay reputation ✔️

If you find that your bid has been withdrawn and the listing has been cancelled, email the seller and ask them politely what happened. If they have told you that the item is no longer available as they have sold it off eBay or you are not otherwise happy with the explanation given, then report the member to eBay and let them deal with it.

Don't mess sellers listings by bidding on an item if there is a reserve in place and it's not disclosed be the seller but you want to "just bid and find out what that reserve is" then you withdraw you're bid, beware!  Not only will you get blocked from bidding on that members listing but eBay will take action against your account, you might find you can't bid or sell or you may be blocked from eBay altogether!!! With modern technology don't think you can just re-register as a new member, most broadband connections are on a fixed ISP address basis, so you won't be able to outwit eBay and get round the rules.

be a great seller or buyer and you should have no problems with being part of the eBay community!! Good luck if you are bidding or selling!
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