Don't forget to check your filter settings!

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ive used eBay for well over 10 years and even though it seems like the most obvious thing, I had never checked my filters when searching for items. As a result of this, I would only see items that best matched what I had searched for. In the past few years, through changing my search filters to either lowest price or ending soonest, I've been able to buy certain items I would have previously paid a higher price for, at a much lower cost, due to last minute bidding or through deals from Asia. I would always recommend searching the alternative filters when buying anythibg from eBay now, as items you may wants might be at a much cheaper price when it comes to buying after watching it for a few days, rather than sometimes slightly more expensive 'buy it now' options. I prefer to stick to listings that are due to end soon, so I can monitor the activity and work out how sought after the item is... That was I can be prepared with regards to my maximum bid, before it gets to the heated last few seconds when bidding against items.

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