Dont get scammed like me.

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Hi, i decided to tell you all about new smart way i got scammed. I am selling mainly laptops and laptop parts on ebay, which i am seriously considering if to remain doing it. The reason is: i have sold sort of good amount of laptops and mainly it was ok, but at the beginning i made a mistake by sending to paypal verified buyer, but who was not fully verified and because of this according to Sellers paypal protection he was UNALIGABLE. Hers what has happened. I sold laptop to the guy in Portugal. He paid ok and was very nice. Sold it for £165. Plus i have paid £30 extra for delivery to Portugal which in total was £60 - Global Priority service with full tracking and signature of recipient. Guy whos name was LUIS RAMOS gave me positive and two months was ok. After 2 months he decided, why not to have the laptop for free and when he knew that he is not paypal fully verified he claimed that his card was stolen and claimed chargeback on mine and couple of others transactions which were over £80. Paypal took my money straight away and said it would investigate it. The problem is that they cant control this at all as its matter of credit card company and its only their decision. So obviously to keep their client they decided in LUIS Ramoses favour and i lost over £200.

 The conclusion from this is, if you sell something valuable, make sure you check on your paypal payment from seller, that he is Eligable (green captures)
and you wont loose the money like me.

Hers what paypal wrote me after 2 months of investigating. By the way there is his email in case he did it to you as well.

Unfortunately, we do not control the outcome of the chargeback decision
reached by the buyer's issuing bank in a credit card transaction. By
accepting the terms of the PayPal User Agreement, you agreed to accept the
decision of the issuing bank as final and legally binding for this type of

Please review the information below for more details about this case.

Details of Disputed Transaction

Buyer's Name:para luis ramos
Buyer's Email:
Buyer's Transaction ID: 62P4959813152162U

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