Dont let buyers get away without paying

Like if this guide is helpful

If you a new or experince seller,  some new buyer can cause difficauties when they won/brought your item without paying and even when they do win/brought your item, they either not intrested in the item, think they could get other item cheaper from another store or buyer without telling you that they want to cancel the item, they forgot or have not got enough money.  i had experince with them as they are time wasters but some are not, as they will tell me what day they going have the money ready.  

If you have problems with new buyers who do not pay:

1. Make sure you contact the seller couple of times until 4 days

2. If they don't respone, open a unpaid case at the resolution centre

3. If they dont respone to the unpaid case 7 day or after, just close the unpaid case and they get a unpaid case record

4. Give them like a negative feedback to warn other sellers (opitional) 

5. Relist or Second chance offer of the item

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