Don't lose your Final Value Fees because of eBay's prob

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Two events have occurred in the last month (December 2010) which have circumvented the automated recovery of the Seller's Final Value Fees.
If you get caught up in this eBay overlooked and uncorrected, software problem... Start screamin and scream some more when the torrent of Stereotyped, Pre-Formatted responses come back at you from the all assuming, incorrectly titled, "eBay Solution Agent" 
Regardless of how comprehensively you explain that it is THEIR system that has generated the subsequent fault, which will deny you the right to claim back your Final Value Fees, when THEIR system does the "cancelling" of your sale, it will fall on deaf ears and blind eyes..
Instead, you will be patronised in the first and last lines and inbetween, given advice on how to cancel a transaction,, which of course, you cannot..
Event 1..  All's well up to the point where I am nearly out of the door to post off an International Signed For delivery packet to the States.
Ping goes the email inbox and I am greeted with a correspondence from Paypal, who (just in the nick of time), advise me that they have reversed a paypal payment to me, on the grounds that, in short terms, turned out to be dodgy.
One of their "processes of admin" is to ensure that your eBay page, where the information to this transaction is stored, is revamped to show a REFUND where the "paid" icon is usually lit. Obviously, Paypal have had sanction to do this by eBay, in order to keep the account informed.
However, in implementing this update, they have also done two other things (albeit that when questioned over the phone about it, they claim that they only handle the money side of things and if a problem has occurred due to their interaction (e.g. the proverbial, Nothing To Do With Me Guv!), it's up to eBay to sort out the collateral damage.
By utilising this UPDATE into your account, the previously, smooth running transaction has now reacted into admin chaos..
What WAS a sold item is now in your UNPAID item area, where in normal circumstances, the item could later be revised to that of a DISPUTE and you could continue to use the available options to resolve in due course.
BECAUSE the reversal was implemented by somebody other than yourself, all those options have now been removed. OH YES, you CAN still tick the box and press the button when you think that you should be able to CANCEL the auction and relist the item but alas, NO, you cannot.
Your TWO options when trying to resolve with the  Eligible for unpaid item case     are;
Option one, select ..The  buyer has not paid for the item..
Option two, ..We have both agreed  to cancel the transaction
Pressing first option results in the subsequent statement (in RED)....
Unpaid Item case / Cancel Transaction  reminder could not be sent.
That left me with option TWO.. Hey! Do I REALLY want to go into conversation with a user who is still probably the receiving holder of the email address that caused the fraud case in the first place??  If the guy is a crook, then he's hardly going to react positively, and agree to cancel the transaction, thus releasing my Final Value Fee back to me, is he?? Likely scenario is that he/she is going to carry on as captain chaos and click the no way jose button. That culminates a NO REFUND OF FEES, automatically.. Why put yourself to that risk when its not even yourself that caused the issues in the first place??  Clearly then, an eBay problem buit good luck toyou if you think you will receive a sensible answer if you bring up the matter in correspondence. FIVE times I've tried to and FIVE times I've received the same, patronising stererotyoped garbish bag of mis-information, throughout.. Once they have used your CANCEL button, you have NO facility left open to you, to re-open or administer a claim..
Event 2..
Now, according to my settings, no one person but myself, should be allowed to alter any figures in my POSTAL option area. Supposedly, the buyer can just pre-select from the optional services that were pre-administered when the auction was set to go live??  WRONG!!  Yeah, that's what is SUPPOSED to happen but again, the sloppy software engineers didn't check their doors when they put this act together either..
Buyer did not live in the U.K. and subsequently, according to both eBay and Paypal policies, the only way I am secure in the knowledge that my payment is not going to be turned around in the event of disputed delivery  (signed for or not), I can only designate the packet to the CONFIRMED address of the buyer.. The fun starts here....... 
I decided a while back, to accept the services of eBay's UNPAID ITEM reminder service. In basic terms, because I am not a full time seller, this comes in handy when I am away from home. In this instance however, the buyer did not pay up in the requisite time period and then, went on to still not pay in the eBay pre-defined time allowance. So, buyer assumingly, gets the non payment strike and I supposedly, get the automatic return of the Final Value Fees, yeah?? WRONG!!
Once again, in their combined, infinite wisdom. Venue and sister company allow an AUTOMATIC reversal of the fees due to the fact that the buyer now decides to pay. However, I would have been happy with that under normal circumstances but here coems the crunch and this IS one that both eBay and Paypal had better get their heads round unless they want total chaos to ensue in the sellers camp.
The BUYER deposited with Paypal, a PART payment. (In this instance, the cost of the item but NO postage). It COULD however, been just ONE PENCE, to cause the same issues, so BEWARE!!!
The buyer attempted to convince me that they had indeed, paid the postal fees but of course, none of this was ever likely to appear in Paypal account and of course, it did not.
What the buyer had ATTEMPTED to do, was make a series of CHAIN purchases across the UK and have them all sent to a UK address for onwards transmission, in one parcel, across to the other side of the globe.
As I hadn't actually been paid for ANY postal services and was not at liberty to send to an unconfirmed address by a buyer who was ALSO not verified by Paypal , my moral claim was that as I had not been paid and that the buyer was loathed to accept the menial price of postage to their own country, causing a stalemate, my ONLY resolve was to cancel the transaction, refund the monies that HAD been paid and recover my  FVF..
Yeah, you guessed it!!!  Once again, BECAUSE  Paypal/eBay had intervened in the reversal process, I would get the same results from the same buttons, if I pressed them..
OK, I took a chance on the latter one this time... Result?? Yeah, again, you guessed it!  A buyer scorned because I would not tip my hat and do things the way THEY wanted and putting my WHOLE item costs at risk of reversal, was the reason for the resultant REFUSAL to cancel, after just 5 minutes of sending this request..
I suppose the NEXT bone of contention will be the resulting NEGATIVE feedback, which of course, can be theoretically, removed because of the circumstances, but THEORY is just a word in eBay Solution Agents vocabulary and you can bet, it will take endless more hours to resolve in a FAIR world..
So, there you have it... Sorry if it was a bit long winded but you'll be the first to say thanks for the comprehensive content, when it's YOUR turn in the driving seat..
Be careful out there! ;-)
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