Don't pay too much for the item you want

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I've been an EBay buyer and seller for years, but mainly a buyer. What I have noticed and don't understand is that people bid on an item they want when there is still days/hours to go. Surely to get the item you want at it's cheapest (if it's not got a reserve on it), is to bid in the last minutes? If everyone did this then the items would go up in price in the last seconds but the winner would not be paying as much as when everyone bids over the days?

I understand, people have commitments and can't be on eBay all the time, people have lives to get on with. But after talking to a few people about eBay and how they use it, it is apparent that they just bid willy nilly, not even putting in their true maximum bid.

So before you bid, think about the ending time. Make sure you add the item to your 'Watch' list. Think about when is the latest time you are able to get on eBay to put your bid in. The later the better, and if everyone thought this, then maybe it would bring the items down in price??
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