Don't use Wheel Courier dot com Cardiff.

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I'd just like to share my experience of 'Wheel Courier'. It was a total disaster. This company has no phone number, act as a middle man and offer a really poor service.

They didn't collect wheels on day arranged and never contacted either me or seller, who was waiting in for them to arrive. They then told me wheels would arrive on a date and they came 3 days later! They gave me 'tracking number' that didn't work and refused to offer any compensation. And the only way of contacting them is by email! Phil from Wheel Courier even threatened me that they would 'take matters further' when I raised PayPal Dispute.

I paid nearly £100 for four 4x4 wheels & tyres to be delivered. Would go direct to Parcel Force/ DHL. At least you can call them and find out what's going on.

Wheel Courier is obviously someone working in their garage with a laptop and should be avoided as they just don't provide the service they charge you for.

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