Dont use ebay they protect scammers

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 I sold my PC that I built myself. Once the buyer received it I started getting images of damage saying it had been damaged in transit because there was no damage in the pics on my ebay selling page so a tried to claim insurance from the delivery service but once I forwarded the images the seller sent the delivery service said that's not drop damage you can see where the metal has been bent outwards so rang ebay and told them I think am getting scammed what should I do they told me nothing until the buyer opens a case so i wait but hes still sending pic of damage 1 being a cpu delidded without intel I5 stamp on top i built this myself and am dam sure that dont rub off plus the egit took the pic on top of my case with the cpu fan still attached and ebay put the case In his favor because he opened the case and told them he did not do the damage, so I said on the phone you can see this is a scam.. We have no proof there is no pics of the item before it was sent. Yes, there is pics there on my ebay selling page of no damage and 2 that ain't my CPU google i5 cpus and you will see stamps on all of them they did and you're saying he won because he opened the case I rang first and you told me to wait. Yes, but we are following strict guidelines so sorry, there's nothing we can do..   so am £220 out of pocket i also have to pay his return and i get a broken item thats not all mine how on earth is that fair.  So there it is ebay protect scammers
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