Dos and donts of a car boot

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What to do as a seller.

  • Don't put price stickers on your items - let people offer you cash, you may get more than what you wanted for it!

  • Place all valuable goods such as mobile phones, digital cameras and console games at the front of your stall

  • Take a plastic sheet to cover your items if it rains

  • If you need the toilet you will have to leave your stall on its own, so take somebody with you.  Also a friend is good company

  • Use your car radio to play some popular music to draw customers to your stall

  • Use a bright coloured cloth to attract the customers attention

  • Take a look around the boot sale itself.  You might find some bargains to sell yourself and you will get an idea what people are selling similar items for

  • Look at your stall from a buyers perspective.  Is your stall cluttered?

  • Take along some carrier bags + bin liners etc.

  • Take lots of change

  •  If you are selling things like PSP games, take your PSP with you to prove the games work

  • Take some drinks and snacks with you and put them on your stall.  Children always pester their parents for them

  • Don't dump clothing on the floor.  Some poeple can't bend down so hang them on a strong rail

  • Offer supermarket-style offers such as BOGOF and 2-4-1

  • Park on a dry spot of land and don't put your items in big patches of mud

  • Move your things around the buyer might see something they didn't see before

  • Lower your prices towards the end of the boot sale

What to do as a buyer.

  • Walk around the boot sale more than once.  You will see things that you didn't see before

  • Always try to knock prices down especially if you buy more than one item off a particular seller

  • Train your eye on one particular item otherwise you wont find anything decent

  • Research top-selling products on eBay

  • Take a rucksack or carrier bag to put purchases in

  • Be sure you are not buying counterfeit items - there are lots there.

  • Try not to take childeren and pets with you - they get in the way

  • Keep valuables in a safe place

  •  Take plenty of change

  • Get there early to find bargains

  • Smile when you are offering a price

  • Don't get too excited and pay over the odds for things - its easily done

  • Avoid leaving items with the seller as they might just drive off with it

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