Dr Who Battles in Time Test Set Card List and Info

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Doctor Who

Battles in Time


Information for Collectors

The Doctor Who Exterminator TEST SET was released by GE Fabbri under license from the BBC as an 85 test card set to discover if their would be enough interest in the set before releasing it on a national scale

The Test Set was run in two test regions The Westcountry and Grampian Television areas below you will find a full list of the cards released in the Doctor who Exterminator Test Set and information about the cards and magazines,I hope this guide will help collectors of Doctor Who Cards who would like a clear and full list of the Battles in Time Exterminator Test Set

Key = Rare Cards (R), Super Rare Cards (SR), Ultra Rare Cards (UR)

Please Note all of the Cards in this set do not have symbols for common rare super rare or ultra rare

the Key provided above is for advice only

Common Cards are not marked with any symbol


01 10th Doctor (R)

02 Empty Child

03 Robot Spider

04 Coffa

05 Chained Dalek

06 The Editor

07 Gelth Ambassador Blue (SR)

08 Adam Mitchell

09 Gweneth bridging the rift

10 Slitheen blon fel fotch pasameer-day (SR)

11 Mr Pakoo

12 Mickey Smith

13 Anne Droid

14 Henry Van Stratten

15 Jackie Tyler

16 Charles Dickens

17 Hovering Dalek (R)

18 Auton Bride

19 Nurse Zombie inactive

20 Harriet Jones MP

21 Face of Boe

22 Scholar

23 Dr Constantine

24 Lynda Moss

25 Oliver Charles

26 Nancy

27 Margaret Blaine

28 Cathica Santini Khadeni

29 Cassandra's Surgeon

30 Emporer Dalek Guard 1 (SR)

31Child Auton

32 Pete Tyler

33 Pig Pilot

34 Simmons

35 Mrs Peace Zombie (R)

36 Platform One Staff

37 Gelth Ambassador Red (SR)

38 Rose Tyler (R)

39 Gwyneth

40 Jabe (R)

41 Auton Mickey

42 Captain Jack (R)

43 Dalek Mutant (R)

44 Mr Sneed Zombie

45 General Asquith

46 Male Programmer

47 Reaper

48 Raffalo

49 Joseph Green

50 Spider Group

51 Controller under dalek control

52 Damaged Dalek

53 Jagrafess

54 Cassandra's Surgeon 2

55 Sukie Macrae Cantrell

56 Cassandra (R)

57 The Steward

58 Female Programmer

59 Nestene Consciousness

60 Moxx of Balhoon (R)

61 Nurse Zombie

62 Controller free of dalek control

63 Lute

64 Male Auton

65 Mrs Pakoo

66 Female Chula Zombie

67 Sycorax (SR)

68 Dalek (R)

69 Cal Macnannovich

70 Slitheen sip fel fotch passameer-day (SR)

71 Dalek Emperor (SR)

72 Antiplastic

73 Gas Leak (R)


75 Code 9

76 Forcefield (R)

77 Security Seal

78 Sonic Screwdriver (R)

79 Unlimited Credit

80 Pickled Eggs (SR)


82 Satellite 5

83 Platform One



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