Draytek Vigor Modems, Routers & Firewalls

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I am a huge fan of the entire Draytek product range, and I have installed and used almost every model or modem, router and firewall that has ever exisited.

As such, I belive I have learned most of the foibles and a good few tips and tricks on how to fix them when they go wrong.

My top tips are:

1. When you first setup your Draytek router, if you plan on opening port 1723 (PPTP VPN) it is really important that you first disable the capability of the draytek to answer PPTP VPN's. You can do this from within the VPN setup menus (sorry each router and firewall differs slightly).

2. Upgrade to the latest firmware as soon as you get the router and if possible enable the remote firmware upgrade facility (done via FTP).

3. If you take a backup of your firmware, remember you can only load this to the same version firmware.

4. If your router dies but still recieves power there is a good chance you can bring your device back from the dead by simply turning it off, turn it on, holding gown the reset button and forcing a firmware reset file (.rst file) to the default ip

I hope this guide helps someone in the future.

David Couzens
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