Dreamcast The Forgotten Console - But Still AWESOME!!!

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I love the Dreamcast all the games and the graphics are amazing on the machine. Compared to the ps2 which i also own, i would rate the dremacast graphically better. The controller is so comfortable, i could play it all day, (which i used to) The machine is small and very well designed.

The games are incredible, Here are a few examples, Crazy Taxi - amazing graphics, Great game play and so fun! Sonic Adventure - one of the best games on the dreamcast, playability is great and so many sub missions as you can be every character, Toy Commander - Now this game is so so so amazing! well thought out, super fun and addictive. In my opinion they are just a few of the best games that dreamcast has to offer. The console itself was ahead of its time with a 56k modem for online gaming (which now x-box totally copied i may add - with xbox live)

I love this console and it will always be one of my all time favs. If you own one you will know what i mean. The only thing i dislike about it is the fall of dreamcast, i think it is a superb fun and awesome machine, it just came out too soon, if it came out after ps2, i think it would still be going strong.

The other cool feature was the VMU - with this you could download mini games, save data,it would also show you things when you are playing a game eg, Ready to rumble boxing, it would show your health meter.

My opinion, Best console ever created - Beats X-BOX, Ps2 and n64. If you dont have one.. I suggest you

buy one! You will not regret it.

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