Drill Chuck Problems

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As a major retailer of Power Tools, we thought we would share you some common issues with power tools. In this guide we will look at chucks...

On reversible Drills chucks are often secured by a screw in the middle of the chuck that secures it to the drill.

A common fault is that this screw works itself loose and causes the chuck to stick open. It seems that the chuck is seized, but it isn't - the jaws of the chuck are simply prevented from closing because the head of the screw is preventing the chuck from closing.

The fix is to full open the chuck and retighten the screw. One important thing to note - The screw is left handed, So you turn the screw anti-clockwise to tighten.


Remove the centre screw. Secure thw short end of an allen key in the chuck. Tap the  protruding end of the allen key with a hammer. This should loosen the chuck and can then be easily removed.

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