Driving? Stay Safe!

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When driving, whether it be going to your local shops or travelling a long distance these simple tips will make you feel safer.

* ALWAYS keep your car doors locked - make this a habit! It is very simple for a would be attacker to jump in your back seat while you are at traffic lights.

*Make sure you have a mobile phone, change and a torch in your car. (It is also a good idea to put a disposable camera in your glove box, just in case you have a bump you can take photographic evidence for later use).

*Keep ALL valuables out of sight - particularly at petrol stations or when in traffic. If you have a satellite navigation kit, make sure you ALWAYS wipe down the windscreen were it has been attached to - if not it will leave a small mark that would be car thieves look out for.

*Do not pick up hitch hikers under any circumstances.

*Do not stop if you see a car broken down - if you are concerned for them then call the police, there is always the possibility that it could be a trap designed to 'pull in' would be do gooders.

*If you are going to be returning to your car late at night park in a well lit place - always think, how will this place look at night?

*When walking to your car, always have your keys ready in your hand so that you are ready to get straight in.

*Aim not to make eye contact with other drivers if you are caught in a traffic jam or at traffic lights etc. Aim to pull up so that you are not directly alongside the car(s) next to you.

*When pulling up at traffic lights/traffic jams - NEVER drive close to the car in front, make sure you leave yourself enough room to maeuvre in an emergency.



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