Dropshipping - Direct £15000 a month for no £££ outlay!

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So you've heard how great Dropshipping is because you dont have to do any work or front big money for stock??? Well read on...

I bought a Dropshipping package here on Ebay as I want to get into selling PSP and the XBox games consoles with as little hassle as possible. Needless to say, great advert on Ebay but of the XBox, of which 2 types were quoted/priced on the advert, one was out of stock as was the PS2, and a request for more detail on the XBox currently stocked has gone without a reply.

So this stock level can happen to anyone you say? Looking a little deeper into their site and I find a note to all members about how they are pricing each other out of the market on EBay yet they are self advertised as brand new to Ebay! I gave them the benefit of the doubt and still registered with them using what appears to be an automated system. Then I couldnt access my account on the site again and my emails to them went without reply. I requested a landline number as  advertised for the customer services team but on the site you only get a mobile number. They also ask that you contact them through their site and not Ebay but after I sent an email via ebay I got a response but still no landline number. They also requested my username and password at this point presumably because they dont think I can spell??? Otherwise, what business is it of theirs? Personally, I never ever never give out a password or username to anyone.

Alarm bells start to ring at this point.

I know you now think, this could still happen to anyone, but read on...

On the advert there is a membership fee of under £10 stated and the auction/Buy it now is for around half that figure so I thought this was a good deal, not so. You still need to pay a monthly subscription fee on top of the auction price via Paypal! Thats right, I am now expected to pay a fee for access to a site that I havent got, for the goods that I want being out of stock, for goods that are already sold on Ebay and other members are bickering about prices, for no contact or a landline number to the customer services team and they still wont deal with me directly despite me asking for the landline number so I'm thinking 'what if I were the customer..?'

Finally I have a response via Ebay and they say they have 1500 members! Does that mean £15000 per month???

Ok that's easy, so thats 1500 members at £10 per month, , an automated registration to the website so no work to do there, no stock to source/hold, no customer services to employ, no business address or landline to offer.

Surelt it isnt just me that sees this great money making opportunity?

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