Drum Sticks - What Kind Of Player Are You?

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This is just a brief discussion into what sized drum sticks you should buy. You may find this helpful if your starting to learn drums (percussion) or if you are already further into your studies as a percussionist. 

First of all we need to find out what kind of drummer you are first. Here will be a quick guide into what sticks you should be looking at. 

If you are a starter (Newbie) into drumming, you will want to generally go for the heavier stick such as a 7A or 7B. This is just for the initial learning process and therefore will heighten your reflexes and also develop further wrist and finger strength and precision.

If you are already into your studies and have already followed the first step, you will want to try and go onto a lighter pair of sticks. This will allow you now to develop high levels of speed and accuracy with hitting the drum heads. You will be looking to go down in a number so 5A or 5B or less would be appropriate.

However, there are other types of drummers out there who may also enjoy just going straight into a band.

If you are a softer hitter on the drums and listen to a lot of jazz or blues music, you will be looking at buying a pair of lighter sticks. So a pair of E's will fit this purpose quite well. These sticks will again, provide you with speed and accuracy for when you are hitting the drum heads. 

If you are a metal/ heavy rock player, you will be wanting to stay with the thicker set of sticks like a beginner. You will be looking at the 7A or 7B's. These will be very durable for your heavy playing. Although you may also want a pair of lighter sticks for those quick metal beats you will be playing (if applicable). So a pair of E's are also suitable. However, if you are a hard hitter, these sticks will not last you long... 

If you are an average player of percussion. E's will generally suite most players as these are the most comfortable sticks you can buy. These are the same that I use up to this date! 

Finally, if your a younger player with small hands and are on a junior kit you will be looking at some junior sticks - These are usually either a third or half the size of a normal stick and will be very durable for younger kids who tend to hit a drum very hard in the initial starting up period as their motor skills are still developing. 
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