Drylining & Plastering Tools

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Basic Plastering Tools
Plastering is not only one of the oldest building methods but one of the most valued trade skills. Plastering involves the process of coating a surface with a layer of plaster, usually for construction or decoration.
Traditional multi-layer "wet" plastering on brick, breezeblock or lath has been more recently joined for internal work by drywall or drylining which make interior walls and surfaces much easier and quicker to create.
External plastering, stucco or roughcast pebble-dashing, has historically been one of the most popular choices in the UK for waterproofing, draught proofing and all round weather protection of building structures.
All these finishes remain in demand with today's trends towards renovating, extending and upgrading properties. Within the trade the true professional plasterer has to be equipped to do a quality and cost effective job every time.
A comprehensive tool kit with quality tools that have high performance and proven durability is essential to the professional plasterer and Dryliner. The tool kit should contain the right choices of hand tools to ensure all tasks can be completed as safely, quickly and economically as possible. Leading brands for plastering and drylining hand tools include Marshalltown, WHS Tyzack, Stanley, Stabila, Estwing, Tayler Tools and Lynwood.
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Trowels are top of the list of the essential plasterers hand tool list. A good quality trowel is a vital plastering tool that allows you to smooth the plaster after applying it to the wall. It’s important to have a good, clean surface on the trowel for a uniform finish. Marshalltown is one of the top quality brands for trowels and are made from high grade stainless steel and shaped and tempered to give a golden finish.
The design of some Marshalltown finishing trowels includes a PermaShape blade. This means that the trowel is ready to use straight out of the box and does not require a breaking in period. The blade will never lose its shape, and has been shaped to eliminate trowel marks.
Alternatively choose one of WHS Tyzack’s stainless steel pre worn trowels which has also been designed to be ready to use straightaway, thanks to the pre-worn edges of the blade, which eliminate line and ripple marks in the work. 
Inside & Outside Corner Trowels
Corner Trowels are essential for the plasterer and are designed for embedding tape and smoothing out the final layer of cement or plaster on inside or outside corners.  Marshalltown and WHS Tyzack both have quality, durable inside and outside corner trowels to choose from.
A hawk is used by Plasterers to carry the plaster with them as they move down the wall. The Marshalltown 13" x 13" Aluminium Hawk has been designed for plastering use. The hawk allows you to hold the working plaster in one hand while you then apply it to the wall with the other. Also useful for carrying smaller amounts of concrete to the job and the tight tolerances on the thickness and hardness of the hawk maintain a consistent strength.
Taping Knife
A Taping Knife is designed for spreading the initial coats of joint compound over plaster joints and bedding the tape into them. Choose one of the many different sizes of taping knife ranging from 6 inch to 20 inch. Marshalltown has a good range of quality Taping Knives.
Jointing Knife
A jointing knife is essential for applying joint compound over the taped seams between drywall sheets. It can also be used in place of a putty knife for filling in screw or nail holes. They come in a variety of shapes and sizes as needed. Angled jointing knives help reach hard to reach angles. Hammer Head Joint Knives are also designed for applying joint compound over the taped seams between drywall sheets. The hammer head design means that there is a one-piece blade and tang that runs through the full length of the handle, providing greater strength to allow safely tapping with a hammer.
Buckets, Bowls & Baths
A bucket or two are indispensable for holding clear, fresh water for keeping tools clean and for wetting the sponge during different projects. Lynwood's have a great 'Invincible' bucket that is so strong it can withstand the weight of a car without buckling under the pressure.  The Lynwood invincible bucket is made in the UK to a high standard and is yellow in colour and can hold up to 3 gallons/ 15 litres of fluid. Lynwood’s also produce a builders bucket that is made from a heavy duty plastic to give a strong hardwearing bucket that can take the strain of the jobsite. Made in the UK to a high standard, the builders bucket is black in colour and can hold up to 3 gallons/ 15 litres of fluid. 
Heavy Duty Plasterers Mixing Buckets are a must and are made from heavy duty plastic, giving a hardwearing bucket that is ideal for mixing plaster. Plasterers Mixing Baths are made from heavy duty polyethylene, to prevent rot, rust, cracking or distortion. Baths are ideal for plaster mixing and can also be used as a rendering skip, water trough, or rubble container.
Floats are usually lightweight and made of rigid polyurethane foam. They are suitable for working with a range of materials such as plaster, cement and concrete. The purpose of ‘floating’ is to ensure every part of the wall and in particular the corners are flat. The float should always be kept totally flat on the wall by applying a firm pressure and this will have the effect of pushing all the highs into the lows which will provide a totally flat surface ready to accept the skim coat. Floating should take place when the plaster has firmed up.
Hop Up Work Platform
Hop Up Work Platforms are great for low-level access and are useful for eliminating the need to overstretch or use a step ladder making work safer, quicker and easier. The Builders Brand Hop up work platform is a lightweight but sturdy aluminium construction which has a maximum weight capacity of 150kg.  The hop up work platform has a secure locking mechanism and non-slip feet to ensure safe working and the platform has been approved to BS EN131: When not in use the platform folds away compactly for easy storage.
Adjustable T-Square
Adjustable T-Squares are ideal for use when working with drywall, plywood, panelling or cement board ensuring accurate cutting. Marshalltown, Stanley, Swanson and Empire all have good quality metric and imperial adjustable T-squares in their range.
Board Lifters, Carriers & Props
These are the Dryliner and Plasterer’s “helping hands” enabling you to work solo with adequate support, lift and carry options. We have a selection of board lifters, panel carriers and drywall support props to aid you in handling plasterboard and drywall on the jobsite. Wall board carry handles are sold in pairs and are ideal for carrying large boards and sheet materials easily and safely around the work site.
Board Lifters are an invaluable hand tool and are designed to lift drywall boards so that they can then be nailed in place. The tapered front end slides easily underneath the board, and then the user pivots their heel backwards causing the front to lift the board up into position so that nailing can take place.
Panel Carriers allow users to easily carry large sheet materials around site they are usually made from steel and coated with an anti-rust powder coating for a longer life. Support Props have been developed to hold in position plasterboard to ceilings and provide you with extra support on site. 
Cutting Tools
Plasterboard jab saws are the ideal hand tool for driving through plasterboard and can be used on timber, hardwood, chipboard & MDF. The teeth on jab saws generally cut on both the forward and reverse stroke for rapid cutting. WHS Tyzack, Stanley and Marshalltown are all good brands to buy cutting tools including dry wall circle cutters, d rywall edge strippers and plasterboard punches.
Estwing have produced an 11oz Drywall Hammer with a comfortable Vinyl Grip which has been specially developed for installing and removing drywall. The crowned head of the hammer is scored to provide a better grip on nails and also reduces the likelihood of impact marks on the plasterboard. The back of the Drywall hammer has a blade which can be used for scoring plasterboard and also a notch to allow nails to be removed without damaging the drywall. The hammer has Estwing's shock reduction vinyl grip handle which features shock reduction technology. This technology offers the best in comfort and durability and reduces the vibrations caused by impact by up to 50%.
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