Ds online with wirless router

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hey a lot of poeple i know have had trouble getting their ds online but i am here to help! I have the netgear dg834gt wirless router so thats i am going on in this guide. first of all go into WiFi settings on your ds(by the way this is on a game e.g.mario kart)and get your DS mac address(should be in system info or somthing like that) now open internet explorer not aol, ntl anything like internet explorer. then type it should come up with a login screen the password and name will be allready in but if they are not then the the user name is ADMIN and the password is password(genius) now the netgear dg834gt router page should come up go on wireless setup under setup now the should be a screen with wireless settings scroll right down to the bottem of the page and click setup wirless accesss here the should be a list of allowed computers or ds or psps what ever. Now at the bottem the should be to empty boxs with mac address and device name written before them. In the mac address put the DS mac address in and in the name just put ds and click apply. Done? good now go back on to your ds wirless setting and the big blue button(wirless setup or somthing) and click search for access point now it should find the router and set it up it self. once its done click test connection if that works then you are away!:) hope this helps! maybe
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