Dummie's Guide To Duelling

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Dummies Guide to Yu-Gi-Oh! - How to Play

The object of the Yu-Gi-Oh! TRADING CARD GAME is to win a Match (which consists of three duels) by reducing an opponent’s "life points" to zero. This is accomplished through a series of turns using a deck  Perfect First Deck.with a minimum of 40 cards and a combination of strategy, skill and luck.

Three main types of cards are used in Yu-Gi-Oh! TCG: Monster Cards, Spell Cards and Trap Cards, with each category being further divided into sub-categories.

The Yu-Gi-Oh!™ franchise made its' debut in March 2002 and is based on the Yu-Gi-Oh!™ comic series from artist Kazuki Takahashi that first appeared in Japan in 1996. There are currently a cartoon TV show, a top-selling collectible card game, several videogames and other licensed merchandise. Yu-Gi-Oh!™ follows the adventures of Yugi, a young boy who possesses the "Millennium Puzzle" that allows him to transform into the "Game King" whenever he is challenged.

Monsters can be








They can also be

  1. dragons,
  2. Insects,
  3. Fairies,
  4. Warriors,
  5. Spellcasters,
  6. Zombies,
  7. Fiends,
  8. Reptiles,
  9. Sea Serpents,
  10. Machine,
  11. Beasts,
  12. Aqua,
  13. Pyro,
  14. Beast Warrior,
  15. Sea Serpent
  16. Thunder
  17. Rock
  18. Plant
  19. Fish
  20. Winged Beast


Whereas Magic / Spell Cards are:-

  1. Equip
  2. Counter
  3. Field
  4. Continous
  5. Quick-Play
  6. Ritual

Spell cards can be played from the hand, whereas all trap cards must be on the field for one turn before playing.

See you next time.

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