Dunster House DIY Windows

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You get what you pay for, Dunster House may advertise themselves as the cheapest DIY windows on the net but the quality is not good and their customer service is unhelpful.  I would advise anyone planning to purchase DIY uPVC windows on the net to thoroughly check the materials used and the construction of the windows before committing to a purchase. I recently bought 3 window units from Dunster House and the problems I had are listed as follows:-
a) The frame on one of the window units was badly scratched with numerous gouge marks which I didn’t find until I came to fit it. Beware, make sure you inspect the goods very thoroughly on delivery as any correspondence with Dunster house is met with hostility and aggressive denial.
b) Dunster House supply the fixing bars on the windows with one plain end and one mitred end. The problem with this fixing method is that it puts undue pressure on each corner of the window and the bars distort at the corners so that there is no neat straight line to the beading.  For neatness, the fixing beading should be supplied with 2 compound mitres.
c) When it is darker outside than inside, you will get double reflections from the glazed unit. Very odd effect, not present in other glazed units I have purchased.  Dunster House say this is perfectly normal, not in my experience it isn’t.
d) However, the biggest surprise with their glazed units is that when the sun shines externally on them, the double glazing looks as if there is a fog or deep haze within the glazing. This significantly affects the visual clarity. The reason for this is that Dunster House uses Planibel ‘A’  glass from AGC. Now one of the drawbacks in using this type of glass is that a milky effect occurs when bright sunlight shines directly or partly on the e-coated glass. Now Dunster House don’t tell you that when ordering but there is well hidden exclusion clause comment right at the end of the FAQ section on their website.  When complaining to Dunster House about this all I got was the usual aggressive and unhelpful reply. Pilkington K glass does not have this problem.

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