Dunster House uPVC Windows

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In December 2008 I purchased some windows from Dunster House and I found the price and quality at the time were very good. However, when I purchased further windows from Dunster House this year I had major problems.
 One window was delivered along with the other windows and stacked in my garage by their driver. Having removed one old window, it was only when I came to move the new uPVC window and install it that I found that the protective film was missing on some of the outer frame and that there were some deep gouges/scratches in the frame together with a couple of pencil drawings. In total I counted some 19 scratches/gouges on the outside of the frame. In addition to this there was only mitre one end of the fixing bars. Having one mitred and one straight length jammed together at a corner causes the straight length to bend downward making the framework look as if it is bowed. Not only that, the actual corner fits look out of alignment. This also puts additional compressive stress on the glass at the corners, not a good idea. At one corner, a fixing bar cracked because of this local pressure.
I also had issues with glazing. The windows were ordered with clear glass but when the sun shines on these windows it looks as if there is a fog in the gap between the two sheets of glass in each glazed unit. The glazed  units were installed the correct way round according to labels stuck on the glass. The reason is that Dunster House use Planibel Low-E glass which has a low emissivity pyrolitic coating and according to the glass manufacturer AGC, the haze is inherent in the manufacture. Dunster House don’t warn you about this, there is only some vague small print in the FAQ’s about it.
Naturally I complained to Dunster House about the above, it took 3 e-mails and 2 letters to get a response. Basically Dunster House didn’t want to know, their customer service was appalling, they denied anything was their fault and refused to help. So if you deal with Dunster House don’t expect good quality or service.

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