Dye Sublimation Printing.

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Dye Sublimation Printing is the Process of Printing Images and Text to a specially coated transfer paper, this is then placed in a heat press along with the Substrate (Tee Shirt, Mug, Plate Etc). The press applies heat and pressure allowing the ink to sublimate to the substrate thus creating the finished product.

Dye Sublimation is only suitable for Polyester coated products, some examples of this are, Tee Shirts, Plates, Mugs, Wall Tiles, Clothing, Bags, Coaster and many more. The product has to be coated for the process to work. You cannot use Dye Sublimation on 100% cotton as several of my customers were led to believe.

What you will need:
A Printer.
A Heat Press.
Refillable Cartridges or Continuous Ink System (CIS).
Dye Sublimation Ink.
Heat Tape.
Transfer Paper.
Patience and the ability to learn through trial and error.

The Printer.
This does not have to be anything fantastic. We sell a simple 4 colour Epson that more than does what you will need. Most Epson Printer are capable of Dye Sublimation Printing.

The Heat Press.
There are 2 types and these are Swing Away and Clam Shell. If you can afford it buy the Swing away as it will allow you to sublimate a wider range of products. Clam Shell presses are fine for Tee Shirts but as they hinge at the rear you are limited to what you can place size wise on the plate. Be aware when buying a press from EBay and ensure the company is a legitimate UK based company or you could end up paying Importation Duty and VAT on the product.

Refillable Cartridges or CIS.
I personally prefer refillable cartridges as they have Auto Reset Chips and are easy to refill. Lots of people use CIS systems if printing heavy loads. CIS systems just hold lots more ink.

Sublimation Ink.
There are so many different choices and this depends on your needs. If you want spot on colouring then you will need to buy licensed products that have ICC profiles. You can otherwise buy sublimation ink for low prices. You pay your money and take a chance. There are a number of websites where you can learn to make your own ICC profiles for Adobe Photoshop etc.

Heat Tape.
Freely available on EBay for low cost. You will need this to stick your printed image to the substrate during the heat press process so that your image does not shift.

Transfer Paper.
Again lots available but cheap or expensive does not always mean quality. We only use one supplier on EBay for our paper and we are happy to provide those details.

Further Help.
If we can assist then please contact us Via EBay. We will help where we can regardless of if you order from us or someone else.

Best Wishes.

Alan Taylor.
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