Dylon Dye Packaging - How Old is it?

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Dylon Dye has had several pack design changes in the last few years.  While the product itself does not have an expiry date, it is still useful to know what you are buying.

Older packs may contain dyes of a different formulation, or colours which are no longer available.  If you are buying older stock, be sure that it is suitable for the fabric you intend to dye, and buy all you need at the same time.


Machine Dye

The current Machine Dye packs are predominantly black in colour, and feature various coloured objects on the front.  These have been manufactured since July 2007, so any stock listed as 'new' should be this style.
Several colours were discontinued at that time, and the remaining 24 colours were given new names.

Previously, the packs were almost entirely covered with the dye colour, and featured a picture on the lower front of the pack.  This type was introduced in May 2006.  The dye formula also changed to the 40 degree wash type.

Even older are the white boxes with a central picture and the words 'Dylon Machine Dye' in black.  These are all 60 degree types, and are NOT compatible with the new 40 degree stock.  There are colours in this range which were seasonal specials (only available for a few months) and many colours have been discontinued or revised since.
Any stock of this type is more than 7 years old, as these have not been manufactured since April 2006.

If you find any white box packs with just the words 'Dylon Machine' on the front (i.e. they are not described as Dye), then these are ancient stock, and are well over ten years old.  (So old in fact, that we don't have a picture of them!).


Hand Dye

These have been largely unchanged for many years.  The white boxes with a central picture were available until April 2008.  From June 2008, the entire range has been replaced with a totally new hand dye.  This is supplied in flat plastic pouches, and has the same black design as the current Machine Dyes.  All of the colours have been renamed, several were discontinued and there are a few new colours.


Other dye products

The small round tinlets of Cold and Multipurpose dye had very minor design changes over the years.  Some older stock had embossed metal lids, and some had an all-metal tin rather than the newer plastic with a metal top.
However, both of these products have not been manufactured since June 2008. 
The dyes themselves are still made, but are only available in large 500g cans (equivalent to over 100 of the small tinlets).

The Wash & Dye product is now in black packaging similar to the other products.  Previously this was in a shiny silver foil pack.

Dye for Denim and Dirty Denim - both of these were discontinued years ago.


Non-UK products

Dylon Dyes are sold in many countries, and products intended for sale outside the UK often have different pack designs.  Some of the products may have different formulations, so check the instructions carefully before using.  Do not assume that because the pack is similar in shape or size that the contents are the same as UK products.


Name changes and discontinued colours

Over the years, various colours have been introduced and others discontinued.  Full details have been moved to a separate guide.

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